The Importance of Oral Care

Research continues to show a relationship between oral and systemic (body) connections. These findings are changing the way dentists, physicians and patients view oral health and treat oral conditions as oral infections can contribute to health problems such as diabetes, respiratory illness, pregnancy complications and heart disease.

Patients, as well as their health/dental care providers, are becoming more aware that oral infections, even though they may seem minor, can trigger changes in other areas of the body that could result in severe illnesses and infections.

The educational and interactive materials found on this page detail the ways oral health can impact your body and what you can do to ensure you are properly caring for your oral and overall health.

Dental Health History

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Additional Information

If you'd like more information on maintaining good oral health, check out the brochures below or visit our library of dental health articles, videos and newsletters.

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Wellness Brochures

Our suite of wellness brochures provides resources for enrollees with questions about how oral health impacts their overall wellness and provides tips on how to properly care for your teeth. You can choose to read about oral health as it impacts your specific chronic condition or simply learn about oral wellness in general.